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    haring makes any business successful. InvoiceSharing believes in an open and connected world where disruptive business models and smart innovation dominate.

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    e combine user friendly, innovative and smart financial services into one place where everybody can participate and benefit.

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  • InvoiceSharing is the financial services marketplace on top of 100% free electronic invoicing. We deliver higher revenues, lower cost and better cash flow. The free electronic invoicing includes free sending and receiving of invoices, free interfacing of any billing or financial system, free validation and storage and free conversion of invoice lines to cost accounting lines. The InvoiceSharing platform is audited by EY Accountants.

    We started the revolution in the market of electronic invoicing by making this a free commodity. InvoiceSharing revenues come from lead generation and the sale of extra apps.

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Higher revenues, lower costs, better cash flow.

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