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InvoiceSharing does not sell directly to businesses. Our customers are accounting software and invoice-scanning (OCR) software companies. They use our electronic invoice infrastructure and Accounting-Robot as an extention to their own software offering, making it a richer product with a better value proposition for businesses.

Our customers are accounting software companies, invoice scanning (OCR) applications and platforms that need electronic invoice infrastructure.

In addition, our customers consist of platforms that require electronic invoice infrastructure.

We basically provide white-label versions to other software companies and platforms, where some software companies use our network and Accounting-Robot via API’s (the result: the InvoiceSharing platform is invisible for the end-user) or use a branded version of our platform.

Help your customers to save an additional 1 Euro per invoice with the Accounting-Robot.

The InvoiceSharing electronic invoice network and Accounting-Robot help accounting software and invoice scanning applications to offer a full solution for electronic invoices for their customers, with two large value propositions: Higher quality accounting and lower cost of accounting.

We have businesses that process 50.000 Accounts Payable invoices per person per year!

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There is something interesting going on in the minds of people. We all seem to understand that sending paper invoices costs money (printing, paper, stamps, people processing), but as soon as we are able to send a PDF invoice by mail, we are not willing to pay anything for the sending the invoices anymore …

That’s why we made sending of invoices FREE, unlimited!!

BUT think about this: Sending a PDF invoice basically is telling your customer: Thank you for the great order and I hereby insult you by sending an invoice-document that comes out of my computer that you have to key-in again in your computer, and is going to cost you 2-5 Euro processing costs.

Stop insulting your customers!

Where, for the same price (free), you can say: Thanks for this great order and please find enclosed an invoice, that you can import directly into your computer, whatever invoice-language your computer speaks!

No more excuses! Everybody can send XML invoices!

Even if you can only send PDF invoices, our partner Cloudtrade can convert your PDF invoices into XML invoices in line-level!! There is a cost of 0.35 per invoice, but you can help your customers! It is up to you: Insult or help your customers.



Any business should be able to use InvoiceSharing, any size.

To facilitate this, we work with different partners for different type of businesses.

Small and medium size companies: We work with your accounting software or invoice-scanning (OCR) software vendor. Please register (free) at InvoiceSharing and select your system. In case your system is not connected, we will connect your system. Most systems are partners and have a pricing for use or the Accounting-Robot and electronic invoice network available. For systems that are (not yet) a partner, we have other partners or work directly with you.

Small- and Medium Sized companies: Use the InvoiceSharing Accounting-Robot via your accounting- or invoice scanning software.

Large corporates: KPMG Financial Management is our partner to implement the InvoiceSharing Accounting-Robot and electronic invoice network at your organization. They can also help you to connect with SAP, Oracle and other systems, but also implement it as addition to your Ariba, Tradeshift, Basware or Tungsten solution to onboard the longtail of suppliers.

Corporates: Better quality accounting with significant lower cost inhouse, compared to outsourced accounting in low-cost countries.


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Calculate how much money you (!) can save:.

4100 Invoices
6100 Invoices

Our promise about cost savings


The InvoiceSharing team is committed to help companies with their cash and cost worries!

The company is founded by entrepreneurs who built successful companies before, and understand the sleepless nights of clients paying late, while salaries have to be paid and high cost levels of administrative processes.

We believe connecting companies and their systems and facilitate the distribution of electronic invoices can solve these worries!

InvoiceSharing is a Free Electronic Invoice Distribution Platform.
We provide an online platform where companies connect their accountings system or electronic invoicing platform. These companies send and receive electronic invoices directly from their system, via InvoiceSharing, to the client system (we consider PDF as electronic paper, not as an electronic invoice). We speak all the languages of all systems, platforms and suppliers. We made this process free!
InvoiceSharing is a free electronic invoices network with Accounting-Robot and an appstore with great products that use invoices to make businesses successful to lower cost and improve cashflow.
We are not an electronic invoicing platform! We connect systems and distribute invoices, for free.
Our revenues come from the sale of premium products for ‘things’ that you can use with electronic invoices, and be successful. Our marketplace is stuffed with great products and services that you can use, but definitely don’t need to use.

Successful for us means lower costs (e.g. automating invoice processing, reporting tools), better cash flow (e.g. connecting all providers of alternative financing).

In addition we sell white label versions of the platform to banks, software companies and platforms that need electronic invoices for their product offerings.

We believe in an open and connected world, where connected companies are more successful. Therefor each company is equally important for us to make the network better. We are here to help companies of any size!


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Companies that reduce cost of invoice processing by more than 50% using InvoiceSharing 73%
Companies having worries about cash on a regular basis (according to research) 50%
Companies with a better cash flow within 1 month using InvoiceSharing 78%

The InvoiceSharing Accounting-Robot: The best friend of Accountants

InvoiceSharing won the “most innovative solution for accountants 2016” at the Getwalk event in The Netherlands, voted by accountants.
Accountants specifically are a fan of the Accounting-Robot since the Robot provides 100% automated accounting of Accounts Payable invoices, on line-level (!).


An invoice for a restaurant that consists of consumables as well as a “grill” that should be accounted for as a capital expenditure.

Accountants instruct the Accounting-Robot.

The Accounting-Robot then automatically books the “grill” on the asset-general ledger account and aggregates the remaining lines in VAT-High and VAT-low, showing 100% automated accounting of invoices.

See this video for the example in 2 minutes.

Why we exist

ABN AMRO Accounting Assistant and Working Capital Assistant

SMART Accounting Robot and SME Finance engine

No more unpaid invoices - Predictable cash flow

100% Automated Invoice Accounting

Award Winning at GetWalk (Dutch)



As a small business owner (0-100 employees) you probably don’t care too much about the cost of your accounting and processing time of invoices (you don’t have too many). However, the impact of clients paying late is probably bigger. Let us help you with you sleepless nights about your cash flow.

Sending invoices from your accounting system via InvoiceSharing gives you:

  • Registered sending of invoices (we tell you that the invoice is delivered in the accounting system of your customer)
  • When invoices are mailed, we provide free advanced track-and-trace
  • Access to payment of your invoice whenever you want! We connect invoice financing companies, you decide of course.

Freedom of cash for small and medium sizedd businesses!

medium sized company


As a medium sized company (100-10,000 employees) owner or manager you are very often too small to be big, and too big to be small. Meaning: You are too small to force your clients to pay in time and too small to force late payment from your supplier. You are the point where cost of accounting and invoicing actually starts to matter.

The first step of cash forecasting is the knowledge that your invoice is delivered in the accounting system of you customer. That is what InvoiceSharing takes care of when you connect your invoicing system and send the invoices via InvoiceSharing, to your customers. This is free, unlimited!

The Accounting-Robot helps with the Accounts Payable accounting and split invoices properly because of line-level accounting. Better quality of accounting.

Imagine: You have a Point of Sale system with 5 revenue categories. Your invoices from suppliers are accounted for as “cost of sales” since it is too difficult to break the invoice into comparable cost categories with your revenue categories. The Accounting-Robot can split the invoices lines, and allocate general ledger accounts based on product categories and aggregate in 5 cost categories.

Finally the accounting information helps your with business analytics!



As a large company (>10,000 employees) you have made your own high-level agreements with banks to finance your company. Working capital management is less a concern, since it is part of the total financing agreement of your company. Cost of accounting and invoice processing are however going through the roof. Don’t force your suppliers … forcing is not the way to go. Work with your suppliers, and you receive all invoices directly into your invoicing-portal or accounting system.

Fact: The first large corporates are now bringing back the outsourced accounting to India and Eastern Europe back to The Netherlands. A few good Dutch accounting employees and the Accounting-Robot delivers higher quality of accounting and lower costs.

584 M
Realized cost savings
Better sleeping entrepreneurs
% Monthly growth
Systems and platforms connected

What we can do

Our Services

Electronic invoice infrastructure

InvoiceSharing is building the largest free network where businesses send and receive electronic invoices. InvoiceSharing is not an invoicing platform (you cannot create an invoice on the platform), but ‘just’ the network in between accounting systems, suppliers with billing systems and electronic invoicing platforms.

We connect all systems that do anything with an invoice.

Don’t let anybody fool you! You learn that Universal Business Language (UBL) is the solution for all your problems, and this standard will make all systems ‘talk’ to each other. UBL is a very good standard, like other standards in the past like cXML, xCBL and iDOC also where good standards.

We support almost 400 different intepretations of UBL…. Life is just to complex to fit into any standard.

But, that’s OK, since that is exactly what InvoiceSharing is solving:

We speak all the electronic languages of all systems and never ask anybody to change their ‘electronic invoice language’.

Problem solved! And since connecting systems is the only thing we do (except for the Accounting-Robot), we better be good at it!!


The InvoiceSharing Accounting-Robot can do your accounting fast, consistent and very detailed on line level. The accounting employees or accountant instructs the Accounting-Robot with simple ‘if-then’ rules, and the Robot will do the work.

The great thing with electronic invoices is that they very often include more information than paper invoices, for example product categories.

Some examples:

  1. Based on cost categories assign the correct general ledger accounts to products
  2. split capital expenditure purchases from invoices, and aggregate the remaining lines per VAT high-low category
  3. Based on a telephone number, assign  cost centers
  4. Based on adresses, assign cost centers

True 100% automated invoice accounting on line level finally possible with the Accounting-Robot

Appstore with great invoice-related products

Our goal is to help businesses to lower cost of accounting and improve cashflow (mainly working capital).

Since we only build the electronic invoice infrastructure (the network) and the Accounting-Robot, we offer great third-party products that use electronic invoices and help businesses to save cost or improve cashflow via our appstore.

Products include:

  • Reporting tools
  • PDF to XML conversion
  • Invoice Financing (factoring, supply chain financing, etc)
  • Payment buttons in invoices sent
  • and many more

The appstore offers great third-party products that help businesses to save cost and improve cashflow

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Our Electronic Invoice Infrastructure

InvoiceSharing explained

Accounting-Robot (English)

KPMG Oracle connector

Facilicom using InvoiceSharing

InvoiceSharing in 30 seconds

Our Partners

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Great examples
GGZ Noord Holland Noord optimizes invoice processing with e-invoices

GGZ Noord Holland Noord optimizes invoice processing with e-invoices

View Project
Office Depot e-invoices available for Dutch Healthare via Intrakoop

Office Depot e-invoices available for Dutch Healthare via Intrakoop

View Project

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It is free to start and. Sending and receiving is free. Connecting your system is free. You only pay for premium services ‘for things you  can do with an invoice’ that make you successful. Those ‘things’ always must directly make you more successful for a little cost compared to the success.

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InvoiceSharing named as game changer in Fintech50 2016 list

InvoiceSharing named as game changer in Fintech50 2016 list

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KPMG to cooperate closely with InvoiceSharing

KPMG to cooperate closely with InvoiceSharing

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InvoiceSharing wins “Most Innovative Solution” for Accountants 2016

InvoiceSharing wins “Most Innovative Solution” for Accountants 2016

2016-01-13 InvoiceSharing was awarded the “Most Innovative Solution” for accountants 2016 at the Getwalk event in The Netherlands (www.getwalk.nl). A Finovate-alike event where 32 innovations showed their innovation live on stage.   InvoiceSharing showed the Accounting-Robot that automatically processed an accounts payable invoices. The invoices consisted of restaurant consumables as well as a “grill” that was…

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InvoiceSharing in 33 FinTech Companies From Western Europe to Look out for in 2016

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Did you know that InvoiceSharing has won over 10 international Innovation Awards?

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